Happy Pompons is available for Android on Google Play, for iOS on App Store and on Facebook Games


An old legend says there are Happy Pompons that live far away in the Magic Land. Once attached to a beanie hat, they can make magical things happen. Two jolly penguins, Fifi and Pepe, want to be magicians and set off on a trip to the Magic Land to find Happy Pompons. They are accompanied by two mischievous eggs, which always perform funny pranks. What adventures the jolly bunch has on their way is a surprise only you can reveal! Help the two little penguins find Happy Pompons, meet their friends, find funny surprises and win a lot of toys!

Happy Pompons is an unusual puzzle game where you can collect a lot of various amusing toys. You can use them to gain more points and advance to the next level. You will be playing with balloons, soap bubbles, fireworks, bubble gums, magic candies, two unruly eggs and many more. While playing along you'll meet a lot of new friends and find funny surprises.